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If you want the best yard on the block, use a robot mower! Robot mowers are the most convenient, reliable, cost effective and responsible way to maintain your yard. Grass wants to be cut as often as possible and robot mowers can cut every day. These are like having a personal golf course attendant for your yard!  

Cost effective 

·        Many of the mowers have been operating over 20 years 

·        Uses 3-5 dollars of electricity a month 

·        Low maintenance 

·        No more paying 1000’s a year for someone else to mow 



·        WIFI enabled 

·        No more rain delays 

·        More reliable than traditional landscapers 

·        Yard is always mowed, great for holidays and events 

·        Since no humans are involved, robots create a consistent customer experience and predictable quality all while respecting your privacy. 

·        Mow at convenient times (night) 

·        Quiet! No more waking up the baby 

·        Don’t have to worry about asking to skip weeks 

·        Set and forget 

 Better for your lawns 

·        Not a heavy piece of equipment that leaves ruts and damages soil 

·        Won’t damage the turf with burn out turns 

·        Won’t leave ruts because the landscaper mowed when it is too wet 

·        Won’t cross contaminant yards with weeds, fungus, and dog waste 

·        Won’t mow in the heat of the summer doing damage to your yard 

Environmentally friendly 


·        Mowers are relatively unregulated and highly pollutant 

·        In one-hour mowers produce the same emissions as 11 cars 

·        It’s the equivalent of replacing two cars with an electric car 

·        Reduce the overall amount of fertilizer and pesticides 

 Proven Technology 

·        They have been around for over 20 years 

·        Over 1,000,000 have been sold in Europe 

·        In Europe, they out sell both riding lawn mowers and push mower. 


·        Have to have access to front and back yards. With no gates being invented yet you have to have no fence, leave the gate open, cut a hole in the fence or physically move the mower when it needs to get across the fence. 

·        If your yard is terraced you will have to physically pick up the mower and move to different levels 

·        Cuts slopes at 22 degrees. That is a serious incline but some yards to have more severe slopes than that. Also, the slopes have to have grass for the robot to grip; they will not perform well on slopes that are bare dirt. 

·        If your propriety is cut up with different turf areas it will be difficult to get the mower to all areas. 

·        If your yard has a more than 15 degree incline where the boundary wire is placed the robot will not be able to mow. 

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