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Other Wichita Lawn Services

Shrub Trimming

  • Hedge trimming
  • Light tree pruning
  • Ornamental grass trimming (pampas grass, fountain grass, etc.)

This service is pretty self-explanatory the basic rule of thumb is that most plant material is best pruned after bloom or if in the case of non-blooming plants or shrubs it is better done in the fall after a good freeze (28 degrees or so). Other plants have better times to be pruned and I am well versed in these times for Kansas.


  • Allows water and fertilizers to pass into the root zone
  • Loosens compacted soils
  • Increases oxygen supply to plant
  • Promotes deeper root growth

Areating should be done at least once every other year and if your lawn is highly trafficked I would recommend yearly aeration. This process begins by using a specialized machine with hollow metal teeth. These teeth penetrate the soil about 3-4 inches, thus removing a core of dirt. By opening up the lawn it allows water, nutrients, and most importantly oxygen to get to the root zone. I feel that aeration is one of the best things that you can do for your lawn.


  • Aeration
  • Verti-cutting (a specialized machine that cuts slits into the lawn so that the seed has someplace to go to keep it from washing away)
  • Seed (I use only Kansas Premium Blend Fescue)
  • New lawn starter (fertilizer) 

Overseeding is very important here in Kansas, as a typical lawn will lose up 10% of plans each season. If the bare spots are not replaces with new grass plants then they will be replaced by something…usually weeds. A nice thick lawn is the best way to keep weeds and disease from your property.

Please call to schedule a service or get an opinion 685-1794.


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