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Seasonal Color to Enhance Your Home

Seasonal Color Wichita, KS

Seasonal color is nothing more than using annuals and containers to enhance your home. This service involves careful choosing of pots and plant material to accentuate your front or back yard living spaces.

When designing your custom look I take into account sun requirements and of course blooming colors and times. This service allows me use my creative side, every customer is completely different from the next and no two properties look the same. This service is also a challenge as many yards have “micro-climates” with- in an entire “climate.”

This service includes:

  1. Choosing the best containers for your specific needs whether it is clay, metal, wood, or resin.
  2. Choosing the right annuals for the right space.  I will take into consideration the customer’s likes and dislikes when designing your space.
  3. Changing out potting soil every season to every other season to cut down the threat of disease.
  4. Once a month feeding with a well-balanced fertilizer, this will feed the plant as well as encourage season long blooming.
  5. Insect control, when needed. 

Seasonal color adds to your home

Enhance your home with seasonal color

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